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Nichols’ prose consistently grabs the reader with its lyrical clarity, and implicates us in the lives of complex and engaging characters.  The novel (The Circle Game) moves us deeply in all the best ways, as it sheds light on the greatest mystery of all, the mystery of the human heart. 

 --John Hales, author of Shooting Polaris: A Personal Survey in the American West

In sparkling prose, Tanya Nichols has opened up a moment in history, reinventing several months in the life of notorious but beloved bank robber Pretty Boy Floyd through the lens of the fictional Mayme Holloway. The genius of this novel (The Barber's Wife) is the way Nichols keeps Floyd in the background, never borrowing significance and proving, as Yann Martel asserts,” fiction is closer to the full experience of life.”  Mayme is wonderfully drawn, vibrantly alive on the page, smart, passionate, flawed.  The supporting cast is equally vivid, and the dusty, quietly threatening atmosphere of 1932 in northeastern Oklahoma accurately and subtly rendered.  This is a graceful and compelling novel.  That it is a first novel is enormously impressive.. 

 --Liza Wieland, author of Paris 7 A.M.

Stinger is taut and colorful, a tale well-told by Nichols and McEwen, both of whom know every corner of the Valley and every secret hidden there. The landscape and the characters who inhabit it come alive in these pages.”

-- Steve Yarbrough, author of The Unmade World

 -- Steve Yarbrough, author of The Unmade World

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